Common Lifestyle Errors



You may want that six-pack abs and the best bikini body to look great and be happy. Whatever your goal may be, before you even start-up with your journey of exercise regimes, you may want to consider what “healthy” means to you.

This is the problem: Our bodies can put up with our silly movements and lifestyle choices because they have this immense capacity to tolerate and adapt. We shouldn’t, however, make the mistake of putting our bodies in a compromised state by eating, sleeping or moving however we please. Some of the most common injuries to your muscles, bones and joints are really from lifestyle errors and totally preventable. You should know this because your body has this extraordinary capacity to self-correct with just  little input.

Bad Posture

Rounded back, shoulders rolled forward, overextended spine, feet turned out, head tilted up or down and elbows flared out.

Bad Posture- Osteopathy

The idea behind a bad posture is that it places excessive stress on all the muscles resulting in increased tension which can eventually lead to pain.

Muscles are responsible for bracing all the joints of our body and carry much of our body load. In order for our muscles to work better, it should be in its optimal length. In bad postures, muscles weaken and lose their optimal length eventually as they adapt. This may not necessarily cause pain in the beginning, but with time may lead to painful conditions of your soft tissues and joint structures.

No warm-up or Cool down

So what’s the big deal?

Osteopathy- Warm-up

Warm-up exercises are like low heart rate cardio which will prepare the circulatory and respiratory system for the upcoming workout. It improves the flexibility of your muscles whether it’s just walking or running. On the other hand, cool down exercises help you to gradually lower your heart rate and blood pressure. They also restore flexibility to your muscles without which you may get light-headed post-workout or sustain muscle ache the next day.


It’s a myth that one can get dehydrated only if you sweat during exercise. You can actually also get dehydrated even while sitting all day in an air-conditioned room.

Dumbbells, apple, measure tape and bootle of water

Our body is two-thirds water and 75% of your muscle is water. When this level of hydration in our muscles falls too low, it leads to dehydration causing decreased blood flow to all the muscles and a drop in blood pressure.

Poor Nutrition

Don’t guess when it comes to something as important as your nutrition.

Osteopathy- Nutrition

If your goal is to build a strong and lean body, all the training in the world won’t help if you aren’t ingesting the right fuel in the right amounts. Your body needs specific nutrients to recover and grow. Simply put, if you eat healthily you stay healthy.

Prolonged Sitting

Are you a Couch Potato?

Osteopathy couch-potato

Studies have shown that being sedentary is more lethal than being obese. “Were there any times in your life when you were more active?” “How can we get you to be more active?” It’s not necessary to always hit the gym for a workout but just engaging in your favorite sports or going out with friends for leisure or just dancing to Taylor swift’s “Shake it Up” would be great way to reduce your sedentary time.


Change is Constant!

Osteopathy stressed

But with the changing environment, one must learn to maintain internal well-being. Anything that threatens our health is a stress and finding the best course of action to deal with it is the ultimate solution.

Insulin insensitivity

Say Hello to high blood glucose!

Osteopathy Prediabetis

Every part of our body needs energy to function. This energy comes from the food that we eat. The carbohydrates in the food break down to glucose and then our body needs insulin in order to use or store this glucose for energy. Without insulin, glucose stays in the bloodstream, keeping blood sugar levels high. Insulin insensitivity is a condition when your body is insensitive to insulin thus causing more glucose to be present in the blood.

Chronic inflammation

You don’t think you are sick but a fire is quietly rising up within you.

Osteopathy Inflammation

Inflammation is actually a life-saving response of your immunity that fights infections and subsides gradually helping the healing process. Chronic Inflammation is a long-term inflammation of the tissues, joints and cells of your body. It affects possibly everything your endocrine, central nervous, digestive, and cardiovascular/respiratory systems.

To sum up, let’s be more aware of the vital aspects that can significantly change the way you perform. In other words, you don’t have to be perfect all the time. Instead, try to make healthy lifestyle choices most of the time because they will make you feel good. That’s the only way you’ll stick with them!

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